Our Customer Testimonials


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

My husband and I have been displaced since January of this year due to an accident. We stopped in to the Clayton Homes in Lumberton, to just see what we would have to do in order to buy a home, and that’s when we met Darryll Wheeler.

He has been an absolute blessing to us. This man has worked his tail off to make sure that we got everything we wanted but made sure it was what we could afford. I have never thought of a salesman as someone who actually cared until we met Darryll (and I must admit I was a little short with him when we first sat down with him, me wanting to get to the point). Darryll has never sugar coated anything and has always stayed in contact with us, never has he ever treated us as just “Another Customer”.

He has unbelievable ethics that go way beyond any expectations we could have ever imagined. He made the buying experience (for me, my first) as easy as it could possibly be. Not only did Darryll help make our dreams come true but Darryll as well as my family have made friends for life. He is a true family man and he shows that when dealing with people, this isn’t just a living for him, it’s him caring about people.

Our customers are
our best sales people.

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